Off Road Park

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About the park, imagine a skate park for 4×4’s.  It’s condensed and the terrain is steep and rocky.  There are west coast size rocks there with huge ledges and hill climbs.  Rock Bouncers are welcome to come on up and see if they can conquer the hills.  There are rocks, rocks and more rocks! We will have bounty hills as soon as we cut access to them. There is plenty of mud to get dirty if that’s what your into. The part that’s different from the other parks is you can get to the unlimited level 11 trails with a stock 4wd.  This means that if you are doing something cool everyone can see it.  There is plenty of terrain for stock 4wds to come play also.  Everything from mild to wild.

Chaos off-road park is located in the picturesque Capon Bridge, WV. Location coordinates for the park are  39.325783,-78.463951.  You can also “Google” Chaos Off Road Park. Make sure you are doing 20mph through town – they mean it!

Our park is on a private property and is only open to the public on posted dates. All trail rides, classes and events are family friendly, See the calendar to see our schedule.

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