Chaos Fab Shop

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We are about building amazing rides, especially when it comes to Jeeps , 4WDs and diesels.

Chaos Fab Shop was opened to build quality vehicles for people in our community that want their vehicles built right.  At our shop, the customer comes first. We’ve put together an amazing team of Engineers, Fabricators, Machinists, Mechanics,  all out off-road enthusiasts, and racers to build your dream ride. You get the knowledge and expertise of a professional race team working on your ride.

At Chaos, we take a different approach to building vehicles.  It’s our outside of the box thinking that allows the Chaos built vehicles to stand out on the trail and at the race course.   We offer solutions custom tailored to fit your unique needs and applications.  Every driver and every vehicle is different.  At Chaos we focus on you and what you would like to accomplish with your build.  We are known for our uncompromising level of quality and attention to detail. And, for added peace of mind, we guarantee all of our work and offer some of the best warranties in the business.

Want to get the most from your vehicle? Bring it to us so it can be UNLEASHED!