We repair, build and donate vehicles to members of the military, law enforcement, fire department, and other outstanding community members. Vehicles selected for this project are street legal and are build to be very capable off road. We encourage our heroes and their families to join us in fun, therapeutic, recreational off road activities, and provide them a lifetime pass to the Chaos Off Road park.

Chaos Hero Project is a 501c3 organization. 100% of all donations go straight to the cause. All of our board members, agents and helpers are volunteers.

This is a community effort and we appreciate any help, as we grow we plan to hold wrenching parties to help us build some of these vehicles. Since we are working on vehicles, we accept donations in forms of parts and cars, and financial assistance is always needed.

Work on the vehicles is performed at Chaos Fab Shop. Chaos Fab Shop is an automotive fabrication and repair shop located in Berryville, VA, andĀ isĀ proud to support Chaos Hero Project, by reaching out to parts companies and vendors for discounts, and providing a shop and tools to work on these vehicles.

Thank you so much for helping us build something amazing and put smiles on deserving faces.

Please make Paypal donations to hero@chaosoffroad.com.